Trust and Flexibility in Transactions

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

Experience secure and efficient payment processing with Cartzy's seamless integration with Stripe and Paypal. Cater to your customers' preferences, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using trusted, recognized platforms for your ecommerce transactions. Start providing your customers with flexible and easy payment options today.

Stripe is an online payment processing and credit card processing platform for businesses. When a customer buys a product online, the funds need to be delivered to the seller and this is where Stripe comes in.

Stripe allows the safe and efficient processing of funds via credit card or bank and transfers those funds to the seller's account on a set schedule. An added advantage is that Stripe is simple to integrate with Cartzy.

Paypal is also a popular online payment processing and credit card processing platform. Paypal is better known than Stripe and is instantly recognizable by most people. One advantage of Paypal is the trust factor, as they have a reputation for protecting the buyer.

Also, Paypal will offer "Paypal Credit" for larger purchases to customers who qualify, thus spreading the payments out and allowing consumers to make larger purchases than they might ordinarily be able to. Paypal integrates quickly and easily with Cartzy.

What Makes Cartzy Different and Better?

The Cartzy Team has been teaching students for more than a decade, to succeed at selling online.

We offer free training to go along with your new e-commerce store.

With e-commerce experience dating back to 2003, our team has amassed over $100 million in revenue through online selling. We know what works and what you need to run a profitable business and we’ve created Cartzy to help you do it.