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Google Shopping​​

With Cartzy, you have streamlined access to Google Shopping, which is a powerful, feature-rich platform that can increase your overall sales and exposure many times over.

Featuring the ability to effectively target customers based on their search history and online behavior, Google Shopping enables them to search for whatever products or services they need, then provides easy access to a variety of quality buying options (including your Cartzy store).

Consumers can compare prices, read reviews, and even spot deals or discounts, all within one unified platform. With Google Shopping, you are right in there with the biggest and best-known retailers!

Microsoft Shopping​

Microsoft Shopping is another powerful solution for increasing your online presence and boosting sales.

Like Google, Microsoft can help you reach new customers that ordinarily might not see your products. Many people actually prefer the Microsoft shopping experience, enabling you to reach a segment of your audience that might not know about you otherwise.

After a quick and simple integration with Cartzy, you can use a Microsoft Shopping campaign to target potential customers with great precision based on their search history. The cost of advertising your products on Microsoft is often lower than on other platforms, which is another significant advantage.

Facebook Shops​

Facebook Shops allows you to tap into the millions of people who use Facebook every day to find the most interesting products and services.

The Facebook Shops platform encourages direct communication between buyers and sellers - this greatly helps drive engagement and makes closing sales faster and easier. Using Facebook Shops in conjunction with Facebook's powerful and unparalleled advertising platform virtually ensures that you will reach the hottest audiences for your products and services.

Connect to Facebook Shops with Cartzy and watch your engagement, branding, and sales go through the roof!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a unique and trusted platform for promoting e-commerce products. The Facebook Marketplace is quite user-friendly and you can easily tap into the huge stream of visitors on Facebook looking to explore various products and services. Buyers and sellers
are able to interact easily, which brings a sense of comfort and trust to the transactions.

While originally envisioned mainly for local area marketing, the Facebook Marketplace has expanded and now offers the ability to promote all across the country and reach very targeted audiences for whatever you are selling. Connecting with Cartzy is quick and easy - Facebook Marketplace is the one platform you’ll want to be selling on.


Pinterest is one of the more amazing high-engagement platforms out there. Featuring a visually appealing interface, you can create engaging pins that showcase your Cartzy store and highlight what you have to offer.

Pinterest users are very visual, so if you have products where a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the place you want to be! Pinterest offers an internal advertising network to help you drive targeted traffic, and the platform's focus on content discovery makes it ideal for customers who enjoy browsing and exploring.

Your Cartzy store features a clean and secure connection for showcasing your best products on Pinterest.


Unleash Walmart's superpower, your ultimate gateway to inspiring e-commerce success! Featuring one of the world's best-known brands along with a huge customer base, showcasing your products on Walmart's Marketplace almost guarantees more sales and revenue.

Featuring a lightning-fast platform and harnessing years of hard-earned trust, your Cartzy connection to Walmart can be a game-changer. The Walmart Marketplace provides different advertising options, allowing your business to precisely target the segment of the audience that is most likely to engage and purchase from your store!

Cartzy's seamless integration with the Walmart Marketplace will make your journey rewarding and profitable!

What Makes Cartzy Different and Better?

The Cartzy Team has been teaching students for more than a decade, to succeed at selling online.

We offer free training to go along with your new e-commerce store.

With e-commerce experience dating back to 2003, our team has amassed over $100 million in revenue through online selling. We know what works and what you need to run a profitable business and we’ve created Cartzy to help you do it.