Conversion Tools

Boost Your Sales with Our Comprehensive Conversion Tools

Increase customer engagement and revenue with Cartzy's array of conversion-enhancing features. Leverage customizable discount codes, gift cards, streamlined checkouts, 'in-cart' upselling, and an integrated Facebook chatbot. Don't lose a sale to an abandoned cart - implement our smart recovery strategies and watch your conversion rates soar!

Tools to Drive Sales Success

Discount Codes

Studies show that customers LOVE to receive discounts and will be more likely to purchase if there is a special discount code available during checkout. Cartzy features customizable discount codes that you can use to run special promotions and offers at any time increase sales and revenue.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to help increase overall store revenue. Customers who wish to give a gift but are not sure what the recipient wants are happy to purchase gift cards that allow them to show they care while avoiding the risk of choosing the wrong gift. With Cartzy's gift card feature, you can choose whatever amount you wish and the redemption code can be used online at any time.

In cart upsell

Would you like to utilize one of the most effective ways to increase your average order size, without worrying about complex programming or coding? Cartzy offers an "in-cart upsell" feature. You can take your best-selling products and introduce related items in the sales cart right at the point your customer is ready to buy. This can be an accessory item that increases the functionality of the item they are purchasing. The bottom line, it works and Cartzy makes it easy for you to implement!

Exit Wheel

When someone visits your product page but decides to leave, you want something to entice them to stick around and make a purchase! Introducing "Wheelify", Cartzy's popular version of the classic "exit discount wheel" that has driven sales in e-commerce stores for years.

It is quite simple to use - the Wheelify app is built into Cartzy for convenient one-click implementation. Simply assign discount codes to the various wheel sections, choose how often these discounts will be awarded, and let Cartzy do the rest! The wheel will appear when someone scrolls to leave the page. Everyone gets a discount, you decide how much, thus saving sales. Simple. Catchy. It works!

Streamline Checkout

Once your customer has made a decision to purchase, the last thing you want to do is take them through a complex checkout. We don't want to create barriers that slow down the process.

Cartzy features a simple and streamlined checkout process that is fast and easy - we move your customer through the checkout process, collect the payment, and acknowledge the order very quickly and efficiently. The result is happy customers who will come back again.

Product Reviews

Cartzy features built-in functionality for collecting customer product reviews and comments. These days, many potential customers look for positive product reviews when purchasing certain types of items.

Thus, we encourage you to collect as many good reviews as you can. You will be able to approve all reviews before they go live. Best of all, if your store is brand new, you can easily add comments and reviews from other marketplaces to get things kicked off.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest problems for store owners, as this usually means that a sale has been lost for some reason. Your customers may abandon carts for different reasons, which can include things like unexpected costs, complex checkout processes, or often just getting distracted by something.

Cartzy features built-in abandoned cart recovery strategies, including automated emails that remind customers of their unfinished purchases, offering them prompts and incentives to complete the transaction. This can help you gather insight into why your customers are abandoning their carts, enabling you to optimize their overall shopping experience.

Facebook Chatbot

Automation is the name of the game, and Cartzy facilitates keeping in touch with your Facebook Shop customers via a sophisticated chatbot that can answer basic questions and help guide your potential customers through the sales process.

It can answer simple questions and provide basic assistance with many different functions. This is a great help for times when you cannot be available to answer questions live for your customers on Facebook.

What Makes Cartzy Different and Better?

The Cartzy Team has been teaching students for more than a decade, to succeed at selling online.

We offer free training to go along with your new e-commerce store.

With e-commerce experience dating back to 2003, our team has amassed over $100 million in revenue through online selling. We know what works and what you need to run a profitable business and we’ve created Cartzy to help you do it.